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Katie Elliott

Suite: 223
Thank you for taking an interest in scheduling a service with me. After working in many career fields (medical, customer relations, and dental), I have come to appreciate the value of providing clients with quality work and excellent customer service skills. I feel my prior career paths have been beneficial in many ways for becoming a nail technician; i.e. sterilization and acrylic knowledge, to name a few.
For a long time I had felt compelled to become a licensed nail technician due to the lack of customer service and care that I received as a nail client. Going to get a manicure or pedicure was usually the only "pampering" that I would get to do for myself, yet I felt like I got anything but that. Sure, anyone can stop in any nail salon on any corner and receive services...but what are you really getting? What products are they using? Are they practicing sterilization procedures that would be acceptable in a medical environment? Do they take the time to analyze your specific needs and address those needs? When I was a nail client, I honestly could not reply to any of these questions with satisfying answers. I knew there had to be more people like me out there...someone looking for a nail technician who could meet all of my expectations - in health, beauty, and let's admit, a bit of luxury.
So here I am. It feels amazing to be able to provide someone with the services that I myself wanted so badly. I can guarantee that I use certified products & disinfectants, the utmost care about the overall health of your nails, hands, & feet. I will take the time with you, explain anything that I can, and try to reach solutions with you. Schedule a service with me today and discover what it is like to have a "personal" nail technician.


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Phone: 405-513-5707


Classic Manicure  $25/30 min 
Spa Manicure  $35/60 min 
Shellac Manicure  $30/60 min
Shellac Removal  $12/30 min
Classic Pedicure  $35/60 min 
Spa Pedicure  $50/90 min 
Detox Pedi Soak

(add on to any pedicure) 
$15/15 min 
Acrylic Fill  $25/60 min 
Gel Full Set  $55/2 hours 
Gel Fill  $30/60 min 
Silk Full Set  $35/2 hours 
Silk Fill  $20/60 min 
Add On: Sculptured Enhancements  $15/30 min 
Enhancement Removal  $15/30 min 
Natural Nail Overlay:

Acrylic, Silk, or Gel (no nail tips) 
Acrylic Overlay Full  $30/90 min 
Acrylic Overlay Fill  $20/45 min 
Gel Overlay Full  $35/90 min 
Gel Overlay Fill  $25/90 min 
Silk Overlay Full  $25/90 min 
Silk Overlay Fill  $15/90 min 
Add Ons:  
Shellac added to Manicure  $15/30 min 
Shellac added to Pedicure  $20/30 min 
Regular Polish Change  $12/15 min 
Hot Stone  $10 
Hand Paraffin  $5/15 min 
Foot Paraffin  $10/15 min 
Nail Art, Embellishments and Decals  $8**/15 min 
Finger Wax  $5/15 min 
Toe Wax  $8/15 min 
**starting price  


Ashtyn Anderson

Suite: 224
Ashtyn, owner of AshtynBrook, is an artist and state-licensed Nail Technician. She has professional training in studio art and is also professionally trained in all areas of nails including manicures, pedicures, reflexology, acrylic application, gel application, wrap application and client relations. She brings her love of art and nails together at Bella Strada in every manicure and pedicure she provides. Ashtyn specializes in OPI Axxium Gel Systems and Soak-Off Gel Lacquer Systems, also known as "permanent polish". Furthermore, she has been asked to join the OPI team and is training to become an OPI Educator.

Ashtyn strives to replenish the health of your nails and to create natural, long-lasting beauty in your hands and feet. Ashtyn's motto is "HEALTH = BEAUTY". Let Ashtyn make you more beautiful today!


contact information and menu of services

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Phone: (405) 514-0108


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Basic Manicure 25
New Hands Manicure

(Basic with exfoliation)
Spa Manicure 45
Shellac Manicure  25 
Basic Pedicure 30
New Feet Pedicure

(Basic with exfoliation)
Spa Pedicure 60

Full Set Silk/Fiberglass

(includes basic manicure) 
Full Set Sculpted Gels

(includes basic manicure)

Gel Fill (overlay)

(includes basic manicure)

Add Ons:  
Polish Change  10 
Hot Stone Therapy

(to any manicure/pedicure)    

Mask  10 
MediPedi  10 
Removal 15 / 30 mins

French Polish 10
Nail Art 10 each

Massage w/Reflexology 10

Gel Polish  10 





Wende Block

Suite: 225
Wende has been a nail technician for 21 years. She has been working in Edmond for 8 years and before that in South Florida. She is 40 years old and has a 15 year old son. Wende Specializes in pink and white acrylics, shellac, and OPI Gel Color, while also providing services in manicuring and pedicuring.

She loves working with people and strives for perfection. Wende invites you to come in and indulge yourself!!


contact information and menu of services

call for availability

Phone: 405-922-1229


Classic Manicure 23
Spa Manicure 30
Shellac Manicure 30 
Polish Change 12
French (Add On)  5
Classic Pedicure 40
Spa Pedicure 50
Hot Stone Pedicure 60
Polish Change 12
Acrylics:  Solar Pink and White   
  Fill            :             27 
  Full Set 53 
Acrylics:  Polish  
  Fill 27 
  Full Set 43 

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Hair Stylists and Nail Technicians schedule their own hours and appointments.   Please contact them directly to determine available appointment times and associated fees.


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